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CAO | Published 16 January 2019 

V. Przhedetskiy | Rostov Research Institute of Oncology, Russia

CAEF | Published 10 December 2018 

Wei-Bin Zhang  | Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan

CAC | Published: 11 October 2018 

Rui Liu & Ying-jie Qiao | Harbin, 150001, China

CAEF | Published 27 November 2018 

Zhuwei Li | Dalian University, China

CAD | Published 27 November 2018 

P. Bastos | King’s College London, UK

CAC | Published: 12 November 2018 

Mehrdad Seifali Abbas-Abadi | Azad University, Toyserkan, Iran

CAO | Published 15 January 2019 


An extracellular matrix non-structural secretory glycoprotein called secreted protein, acidic and rich in cysteine (SPARC) plays a significant role in promoting cancer cell activity and altering a tumor’s microenvironment. Studies of SPARC expression in lung cancer have been few compared to those of other organ malignancies. Consequently, we performed this study to elucidate the relationship between SPARC expression of a resected tumor and a post-operative prognosis.

Methods: Postoperative patients with pulmonary squamous carcinoma or adenocarcinoma at  Read more..

Makoto Maemondo* | Iwate Medical University School of Medicine, Japan

Current Thematic Issues
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New pathways created by 5G Technology
Dr. Werner Mohr | NOKIA| Germany

Deadline | DEC 2018

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Ambient Backscatter For Low-Energy Communication Systems, Especially Internet-Of-Things (Iot)
Baofeng Ji |Henan Uni. of Sci. & Tech| China

Deadline | DEC 2018

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True Random Number Generator Concepts for Secure Wireless Communications
Héctor J. De Los Santos |NanoMEMS Research |USA

Deadline | 30 April 2019

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Semantic Data Engineering: Methods, Applications and Practice
Dr. Kingsley Okoye | University of East London| UK

Deadline | 15 DEC 2018

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Current standards in the assesment of quality of life after oncosurgery in the head and neck region
Dr. Zsolt Németh
 | Semmelweis University| Hungary

Deadline | FEB 2019

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