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CAEF | Published 27 November 2018 

Zhuwei Li | Dalian University, China

CAD | Published 27 November 2018 

P. Bastos | King’s College London, UK

CAC | Published: 12 November 2018 

Mehrdad Seifali Abbas-Abadi | Azad University, Toyserkan, Iran

CAC | Published 18 October 2018 

Lívio César Cunha Nunes | Terezina, PI, Brazil

CAC | Published 18 October 2018 

Birce Dikici | Daytona Beach, FL, USA

CAC | Published: 11 October 2018 

Rui Liu & Ying-jie Qiao | Harbin, 150001, China

CAEF | Published 10 December 2018 

The purpose of this paper is to deal with interdependence between bureaucratic corruption and economic development in a dynamic general equilibrium framework. The paper generalizes Zhang’s growth model with corruption by allowing all constant parameters to be exogenously time-dependent (Zhang, 2017). The generalization makes the model robust as the original model can analyze effects of different exogenous perturbations on dynamics of the model. Zhang’s model deals with an economy with one industrial and one public sector. The population is composed of workers and officials. Supply of public service is provided by officials and affects productivity of the industrial sector. The government is the sole financial supporter of the public sector. The government’s income comes from taxes on the industrial sector.  Read more..

Wei-Bin Zhang  | Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Oita-ken, Japan

Current Thematic Issues
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New pathways created by 5G Technology
Dr. Werner Mohr | NOKIA| Germany

Deadline | DEC 2018

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Ambient Backscatter For Low-Energy Communication Systems, Especially Internet-Of-Things (Iot)
Baofeng Ji |Henan Uni. of Sci. & Tech| China

Deadline | DEC 2018

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True Random Number Generator Concepts for Secure Wireless Communications
Héctor J. De Los Santos |NanoMEMS Research |USA

Deadline | 30 April 2019

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Semantic Data Engineering: Methods, Applications and Practice
Dr. Kingsley Okoye | University of East London| UK

Deadline | 15 DEC 2018

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Current standards in the assesment of quality of life after oncosurgery in the head and neck region
Dr. Zsolt Németh
 | Semmelweis University| Hungary

Deadline | FEB 2019

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