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Published Articles

Published: 11 June 2019      OPEN ACCESS
Cybersecurity Considerations for Internet of Things Small Satellite Systems         69-79 
David Bird 

Published: 23 April 2019      OPEN ACCESS
Gain Enhancement of a Wideband Monopole using Stacked Frequency SelectivSurfaces       64-68 
Gregory Mitchell

Published: 28 March 2019      OPEN ACCESS
Autonomic Reflective Middleware for the management of NANO devices in a Smart Environment (ARMNANO)     56-63
Jose Aguilar

Published: 13 March 2019      OPEN ACCESS
Characterization of Wideband WBAN Channel at 2.4 GHz and 3.35 GHz bands        32-55
Bazil Taha Ahmed*

Published: 14 February 2019      OPEN ACCESS
A General Modeling for Key Performance Indicators Optimization in Two-Tier Heterogeneous Networks   19-31
Vincent Savaux* and Pape Abdoulaye Fam

Published: 31 January 2019      OPEN ACCESS
Docshare: a public cloud storage control with two factor access control schemes     12-18
G Thippa Reddy, Bharath PS, Praveen Kumar Reddy, Rajesh Kaluri, Kuruva Lakshmanna, Srinivas Koppu and Dharmendra Singh Rajput

Published: 7 January 2019      OPEN ACCESS
Unlinkable User Authenticated Key Agreement for Multi-Gateway Wireless Sensor Networks      1-11
Solomon Kuonga Nkhoma, Patrick Ali, Levis Eneya and Hyunsung Kim*

Published: 8 October 2018       OPEN ACCESS
Knowledge Discovery in Agriculture: An IoT Network of Cattle Monitoring Devices      8-19
Michael A. Chilton*

Published: 8 October 2018       OPEN ACCESS
Probabilistic timing analysis of periodic traffic streams in a one-switch network with random interference  1-7
Michael Short* and Muneeb Dawood

Forthcoming Articles

Research Article    |    In Peer Review
A Load balancer approach to Denial of Service Attacks

Research Article    |    In Peer Review
Wideband Monopole Gain Enhancement using Multiple Stacked Resonant Reflectors


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