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Research Article  |  Published 7 January 2019

Unlinkable User Authenticated Key Agreement for Multi-Gateway Wireless Sensor Networks​
Solomon Kuonga Nkhoma, Patrick Ali, Levis Eneya and Hyunsung Kim*

Departmen of Mathematical Sciences, Chancellor College, University of Malawi P.O.Box 280, Zomba, Malawi
Department of Cyber Security, Kyungil University Kyungsan, Kyungbuk 38428, Korea


Wireless sensor network (WSN) has wide potential application in various fields such as military, agricultural and healthcare. WSNs need effective security mechanisms because they are deployed in hostile unattended environments. Various user authentication schemes were proposed for WSNs security. However, there are many previous schemes that have various security vulnerabilities including masquerading, password guessing attack and traceability. This paper proposes an unlinkable user authenticated key agreement scheme (UAKA) for multi-gateway WSNs that could achieve desirable security and privacy attributes. It preserves all the original merits of the related schemes and the security of UAKA is analyzed using the BAN Logic. Furthermore, the performance of UAKA is comparable to the related existing schemes.

Wireless sensor network, Information security, Multi-gateway, Unlinkability, Anonymity, Authentication, Key agreement


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