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Published: 20 September 2019            OPEN ACCESS
Taxation of Various Fiscal Bases and Short Run Economic Activity in Open Economy  105-125
Séverine Menguy*

Published: 6 May 2019            OPEN ACCESS
The Probability of Default Distribution of Heterogeneous Loan Portfolio   88-95
Biao Wu*

Published: 23 April 2019            OPEN ACCESS
The Need for, and the Growing Importance of, BioPhysical Economics     75-87
Charles Hall*

Published: 12 April 2019            OPEN ACCESS
Spatial Concentration of Biomass Production Activities in the European Union    63-74
Vlada Vitunskiene*  

Published: 12 April 2019            OPEN ACCESS
Economic Integrations and their Role in Intra-Africa Trade   57-62
Wangari Wang’ombe*

Published: 18 March 2019            OPEN ACCESS
The Effects of Female Economic Independence on Divorce Rates: Empirical Evidence from the OECD Member Countries      51-56
Sang H. Lee*

Published: 29 January 2019            OPEN ACCESS
How vulnerable are commercial banks to macroeconomic shocks? The case of Bangladesh      27-37
Md. Atiqur R. Khan*

Published: 7 January 2019            OPEN ACCESS
Text Mining in Financial Information         18-26
Nida Türegün*

Published: 10 December 2018     OPEN ACCESS
Growth, Corruption, and Business Cycles        11-17
Wei-Bin Zhang* 

Published: 27 November 2018     OPEN ACCESS
Should energy corporations participate in fulfilling social responsibility?        1-10
Zhuwei Li*

Forthcoming Articles

Review Article    |   In review 
On the close relationship between the going-in and going-out capitalization rates

Review Article    |   In review
More Schooling, More Generous? Estimating the Effect of Education on Intergenerational Transfers

Review Article    |   In review
Empirical Analysis on the Influential Factors of Real Estate Price: A Panel VAR Model View


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