Current Analysis in

Published: 8 August 2019      OPEN ACCESS
Bevacizumab in the Treatment of Brain Metastases, Is There Still a Role? An Updated Review of the Literature      20-26
Ilana Schlam, Jeanny B. Aragon-Ching and Irina Veytsman*

Published: 21 February 2019      OPEN ACCESS
Experience with the advanced HER2 positive breast cancer treatment in the Motol University Hospital in the Czech Republic        17-19
Petra Pokorná* and Jana Prausová

Published: 16 January 2019      OPEN ACCESS
Preliminary lipografting in projection of future thoracodorsal flap to increase its volume and plasticity in reconstructive mammoplasty         8-16
Yury V. Przhedetskiy*, Oleg I. Kit, Victoria Y. Przhedetskaya and Arthur V. Borlakov

Published: 15 January 2019      OPEN ACCESS
Retrospective study to examine the relationship between secreted protein acid and rich in cysteine expression and prognosis in lung cancer using surgical resection specimens      1-7
Yusuke Horii, Kunio Hirano, Hideomi Sato, Takashi Ito, Ryosuke Chiba, Satoshi Moriguchi, Hiroyuki Deguchi, Makoto Tomoyasu, Tatsuo Tanita, Tamotsu Sugai and Makoto Maemondo*

Published: 14 December 2018         OPEN ACCESS
Interaction of Various Cancer Tissue Components: their Role in Tumor Development and Therapy Resistance      6-14
Viktor Shtilbans*

Forthcoming Articles

Research Article    |   In Press
Design, Synthesis, and Screening of 5-Aryl-3-(2-(pyrrolyl) thiophenyl)-1, 2, 4-oxadiazoles As Potential Antitumor Molecules on Breast Cancer MCF-7 Cell Line

Research Article    |  In Press
Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) gene A1298C polymorphism and lung cancer susceptibility


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